Telkom Park

Proudly maintained by Bidvest Top Turf, Telkom Park in Centurion is their flagship site in South Africa and a national key point. Bidvest Top Turf have been maintaining the site for the past six years. Over the years the site has changed from 50% veld grass to only 10%. Paving and manicured gardens have been installed creating scope and budget changes for the site.
The site has both the original irrigation system, installed over a decade ago, and a new irrigation system which was installed during the conversion from veld to manicured gardens a few years ago. Bidvest Top Turf and Telkom are working together to systematically replace the old irrigation system to conform to dolomite regulations, which the new system already complies with. This has to be budgeted for annually as it is a high cost exercise due to the size of the site. Bidvest Top Turf is working on a case study of water usage with Rand Water for Telkom Park, necessitating weekly water meter readings for the system.
Around 8000 people make use of the facility, with 4000 vehicles entering the site daily. The sheer volume of people utilising the facility is a challenge which Bidvest Top Turf works and adapt to all the time. One of the biggest challenges faced on-site is the constant upgrading of the buildings and infrastructure, where external contractors damage the gardens and irrigation. Another is the slope angles of the grass mounds making mowing extremely challenging.

A wonderful working relationship exists between the soft services companies on site and makes working at Telkom Park a pleasure!