• Sun City’s Entertainment Centre

    Ornamental green ‘tree’ structure in Sun City’s Entertainment Centre

    Dawid Fraser, Operations Manager for Bidvest TopTurf North West, described the construction of the so-called ‘green wall’ or slanted ‘vertical garden’, symbolic of a large tree, at the newly refurbished Sun City Entertainment Centre. Fraser explained that a major revamp was being done to the interior of the Centre and that the concept design had involved a central steel ‘tree structure’ under an extensive skylight. The ample indoor light was seen as an opportunity to use live plants rather than artificial. TopTurf suggested that the tree structure of steel piping should be covered with the polyethylene Modiwall planted wall system (see November issue of ADM – Netcare Pinehaven Hospital) to enhance the grandeur and the environmental value of the ‘tree sculpture’. Read More