• The Lost City Golf Course

    The Lost City Golf Course was constructed in 1992 and is the more player friendly course at Sun City, with larger greens and wider fairways. The course has 40 hectares of sport turf that needs to be maintained by Bidvest Top Turf staff members, which is undertaken in a very limited time frame due to the high volume of games played on the course. One of the major challenges is to manage the golf cart damage as this is a carts only course.

    The course is also open to wildlife and damage is often caused by game animals, especially the warthogs, as they dig up the grass and plants to get to the roots leaving large holes that need to be repaired. Maintenance of the water plants and water bodies on the course are also managed by the golf course staff, which includes that of the “Crocodile pond” on the 13th hole which naturally requires specialised training as live crocodiles reside here!

    Apart from rain, only grey water is used to irrigate the Lost City Golf Course and only the fairways, tees, greens and surrounds get irrigation water while the rest of the golf course relies on rain water. Watering takes place at night, with daytime watering restricted to greens only, bench marking this course at the lower end of water consumption if compared to other golf courses.

    Bidvest Top Turf practice responsible pest control and insect populations in the playing areas are managed curatively, using a combination of cultural and limited chemical practices on the greens to keep them healthy and disease free. All pesticides and fertilisers used on the golf courses are registered products.

    Greens are mowed daily, fairways and tees four times a week and the rough once a week. Bunkers are hand raked on a daily basis. Secondary cultural practices take place twice a year when all shortly mowed surfaces are scarified and hollow cored. Bidvest Top Turf run and manage the workshop on the Lost City Golf Course to ensure that the equipment is always in 100% working order, is maintained to manufacturer specifications and cutting units are inspected daily to ensure the course is cut optimally.