Leading the way in landscape maintenance

Leading the way in landscape maintenance

Landscape maintenance is an art and at Bidvest Top Turf we know that beautiful, considered landscaping can make an impactful and positive first impression, and that a well-maintained landscape can give a residential estate, retirement village, golf club, office park, recreational facility, even a school, a reputation of quality while adding value too.

 ‘The whole picture’ approach


At Bidvest Top Turf, we are far more than your average ‘mow, blow and go’ operation. We have a clear and informed understanding of the geographical idiosyncrasies and climate conditions of our country and approach every landscape project we encounter

Take a residential estate, for example. Before development even begins, part of the application involves an environmental impact assessment to identify any areas that may require protection and/or special care. Once the build is complete, the developer hands over the estate’s unique ‘handbook’ to the Body Corporate, which should include guidelines for managing the common areas within the estate. We can take that handbook and, thanks to our in-house ecological management expertise and biodiversity analyses capabilities, help effectively maintain the site in its entirety. From recommendations on the placement, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, to the identification of suitable buffer zones around sensitive areas, storm water management, alien and invasive plant management, erosion management and waste management practices, including the recycling and recovery of waste and more, we work in partnership with our customers (in this case, the Body Corporate), as shared custodians of their landscaping blueprint. 


Water-wise ways 

No matter how visually impressive it is from the outset, a world-class landscape cannot continue to grow and thrive without a professionally installed irrigation system and making use of ‘smart’ irrigation practices offers plenty of benefits, including reduced water consumption while still maintaining optimal plant life.

Our in-house irrigation division, complete with dedicated expert team, caters for the design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems and water features that make the most out of water as a valuable resource and help customers save on unnecessary consumption costs. 

We are fully committed to the responsible and intelligent use of water, offering innovative solutions such as time-saving through automation; strategic and controlled irrigation to help prevent plant loss and wastage; drip line systems; drainage and run-off infrastructure; water filtration options to assist in minimising municipal water consumption, as well as the monitoring of possible soil damage through moisture measurement and erosion management, amongst others – the overriding goal being, always, to reduce our impact on water stores through responsible management principles and technological innovation. 


Full-service offering 

At Bidvest Top Turf, we’re in it for the long haul when it comes to landscape maintenance with our specialised, full-service landscape maintenance system, designed to suit every customer’s budgetary and site management needs – complete with flexible, agreed-upon schedules, so landscapes look polished year-round. 

Our landscape maintenance service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawn care, mowing, edging and fertilizing
  • Seasonal maintenance, annual plantings, re-planting and deadheading
  • Pruning of trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Periodic weeding, mulching and composting of beds
  • Walkways, path and curb maintenance 
  • Irrigation and water-feature monitoring
  • Removal of rubble, leaves and other plant debris
  • Upkeep of garden equipment and other decorative outdoor aesthetics

We keep a close eye on the condition of every landscape we maintain, regularly assessing what’s needed. We’ll also make recommendations and bring in our talented enhancement crew whenever a landscape needs an update or a refresh.


Everything under one roof 

For us, no landscape maintenance job is too big or small, thanks to our vast network of sister companies, our national footprint, substantial fleet and highly-trained and experienced grounds-keeping teams. 

Having a wide net of suppliers also means we can easily source high-quality plants and plant material suited to various applications within the landscaping environment –  for instance, the needs and requirements of a golf course differ from that of a residential play area.

If you’re still wondering ‘why Bidvest Top Turf’ our pedigree and affiliations speak for themselves, including being a platinum business partner of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC), which proactively supports the volunteers/members of Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate, and their management teams in the achievement of their vision, which is to establish, maintain and enhance the value of the properties as well as the lifestyles of their residents.

Maintaining, nurturing and enhancing green assets is all in a day’s work at Bidvest Top Turf. Get in touch with us today if, like us, you believe that a landscape is a living, breathing, ever-evolving work in progress that requires frequent doses of TLC to look its best.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your landscape maintenance needs.