• Multi-Disciplinary Greens Services Company
  • B-BBEE Level 1
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  • info@topturf.co.za

About Us

“Our vision sees vibrant and sustainable environments which guarantee a green future for all.”

We are a multi-disciplinary green services company providing our customers with quality horticultural and related recreational solutions. With our Head Office situated in Gauteng, we operate throughout Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and have worked in West Africa, Malta and Malaysia. Our key focus currently is providing professional and affordable landscape and turf installation and maintenance services to the corporate sector.


We are committed to creating sustainable jobs, empowering our people and encouraging Ubuntu in all that we do.

We are committed to reducing waste and pollution, encouraging the use of indigenous plants and using environmentally friendly inputs.

We are committed to operating with integrity, eliminating financial wastage and encouraging creativity in our stakeholders.

We are mindful of the fact that Planet Earth is a finite resource which has to be responsibly managed in order to sustain itself into the future. As a group of guardians of this resource, we and our stakeholders are committed to making practical contributions to sustainability, and to the improvement of the socio - economic circumstances of the communities we are a part of. In keeping with our values, Bidvest Top Turf has engaged in the establishment of objectives which are used to guide our organisation towards realising our vision, which sees vibrant and sustainable environments which guarantee a green future for all.

“Our mission is to provide a platform for passionate change makers to positively impact the world through imagining, creating, and maintaining, sustainable green spaces.”