• Multi-Disciplinary Greens Services Company
  • B-BBEE Level 1
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  • info@topturf.co.za


Sustainability Charter


  • We will aim at moderate sustainable financial returns.
  • We will strive to eliminate financial wastage.
  • We will encourage creativity in all our stakeholders.
  • We will have integrity as our core value.


  • We will create as many sustainable jobs as possible.
  • We will encourage our staff to earn a sustainable wage.
  • We will run a Personal Development Programme.
  • We will encourage Ubuntu amongst all people.


  • We will encourage the health of the environments in which we work.
  • We will reduce waste and pollution.
  • We will encourage the use of indigenous plants and ecological systems.
  • We will use only environmentally friendly inputs.

Environmental Objectives

- To carry out Land Management practices which uncompromisingly meet all of our compliance obligations and best practice principles, with the purpose of:

- Creating and maintaining sustainable, ecologically friendly green spaces.

- Protecting the environment and combating ecosystem degradation.

- Prioritising the restoration, maintenance and enhancement of local biodiversity through the sustainable utilisation of indigenous plants and ecological systems, wherever possible.

- To reduce our impact on water resources through responsible management principles and technological innovation.

- To limit our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable sources through viable interventions.

- To further contribute to combating the global warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions by creating carbon sinks for our clients to offset their carbon footprints.

- To reduce our impact on air quality through responsible operational & land management practices.

- To ensure that our waste management practices are legally compliant, and that we manage our waste according to the required hierarchical principles as per the Republic of South Africa’s National Waste Management Strategy:

-To promote: waste avoidance & reduction; the re-use of materials; as well as the recycling and recovery of waste, wherever feasible.

-To reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of in landfills

- To ensure that all hazardous substances used in our operations are managed responsibly, by:

-Meeting all legal requirements in terms of storage, transport, usage as well as disposal.

-Substituting these substances with less harmful and / or biodegradable alternatives wherever practicable.

- To give preference to the procurement and utilisation of raw materials from verified sustainable sources over products that cause greater negative environmental impact.

- To create, maintain and enhance collaborative opportunities for local communities and our staff through sustainable job creation, as well as through personal and skills development initiatives.