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New Sasol Offices in Sandton

Bidvest Top Turf have recently completed the landscaping to the new Sasol Corporate Offices in Sandton. The eight month contract involved the landscaping and irrigation installation to a number of key areas of the site namely:

  • Street Level
  • Podium Level
  • Fifth Floor
  • Tenth Floor

Moses Radebe headed up the Bidvest Top Turf team and worked tirelessly through many seven day weeks to make the contract deadline.

The upper floor landscaping presented a number of logistical challenges as all the materials had to be hoisted up through the building and eventually onto the building using a 400 tonne crane from street level. The upper levels also required the fabrication of custom designed steel planters which had to be hoisted into place and then be welded into their various forms insitu.

The podium landscaping represents one of the largest roof garden developments in South Africa. This 3500m2 garden was developed with numerous curving retaining walls which provided spaces to create smooth flowing mounds linking with paved public spaces. The 5 South African ecological biomes are represented through the different plant choices and mixes. High density polystyrene used as void formers along with a lightweight planting mix allowed for the extensive garden to be formed on the building podium.
Bespoke wooden benches and morphic wooden planting pods add interest and soften the harder construction elements. Large pre-selected and grown trees form the backbone of the planting and give some immediate sense of landscape maturity. The Sasol Cycad Collection was relocated from Rosebank to Sandton to the new buildings VIP Entrance area where it now forms and important part of the welcome experience.

For everyone who worked on the project the end result is quite magnificent. The installation recently won a Double Gold Award at the SALI Awards of Excellence. The garden will continue to provide the new building and the client with a strong connection to the environment and a place to thrive.