Landscaping for the home of your dreams

Landscaping for the home of your dreams

A beautifully considered and well-installed landscape can add immense value to a home – from both a monetary standpoint, as well as an emotional one. In fact, it is one of the few home additions or improvements you can make that not only adds immediate value, but that also increases in worth as time goes by if it’s properly nurtured and maintained.  


When you think of a high-end landscape, you think of intricate detailing, bold features, spaces to entertain, strategically placed beds, greenery that adds depth, flowing pathways, outdoor lighting and impressive water features, amongst others. 

At Bidvest Top Turf we specialize in the installation of green spaces that not only complement but also uplift their surroundings in terms of scale and investment. We know that a person’s garden is their sanctuary – as well it should be – and we approach every landscape project we encounter holistically, to make sure we get it just right.

A private garden is also private property. There is a lot of emotion involved in allowing somebody to come into your space. We have the people and the expertise to apply a sensitivity to this space – to make sure that we deliver on your vision responsibly, effectively and as efficiently as possible. 

How we do this is by matching homeowners with the right team to bring their ‘dreamscapes’ to life; drawing on trusted collaborators and partnering with the likes of professional landscape architects to illustrate the design, measure it out accurately, and make sure that the installation is carried out meticulously, right down to the last paver. 

Thanks to the backing of the Bidvest group and our vast network of sister companies, we are able to tap into this supplier family, to easily source high-quality plants and plant material suited to various applications within the landscaping environment. We also enjoy a national footprint, substantial fleet and highly-trained and experienced landscaping teams. 

We have the specialists on board to give you the right advice. We work within your budget in terms of teams and resources. We take care to understand your needs. We listen to what you want and we then deliver on that message – partnering and working with you throughout the process, to meet expectations.

Get in touch with us today if, like us, you believe that a beautiful garden has the power to make a house a home.